Goodbye NYC - Hello NYC

Alden & Ilich say Goodbye to New York City to go on a year long Adventure

A crisp fall day on the Brooklyn Bridge


Alden, who runs the amazing Eco Cult Blog, approached me for a Good-Bye announcement Photoshoot here in NYC. While this marks my official move to my favorite City in the world, it marks their take off to new adventures around the globe. (Read more about their adventures on the Eco Cult Blog!)

We had so much fun shooting on this beautiful, cold fall day in New York City in the spirit of new and exciting adventures!


Love, Luca - Hilo & Ginger

PS: I am available for City Hall weddings & Portrait Sessions in NYC starting March 2018!

PPS: I shoot weddings and Editorials all over the US & Europe, going back and forth, as usual. I will start posting more of the last wedding season soon!

Don't hesitate to inquire for your wedding day - booking April 2018-March 2019 now! xo Luca