A Desert Love Story: Pin + Max

After this amazing summer wedding season, I am happy to finally sit down and write our first Blog on our brand new wedding photography website (Welcome!). 

We are thankful for all the people we meet while documenting their lives, and are happy to keep doing this - onwards and upwards to a beautiful destination wedding season 2017/2018.  

Ok, back to our most recent Photo Shoot, which happened to be the love story of Pin and Max, a lovely couple from Germany, traveling across California, making one of their biggest dreams come true. They contacted me to portrait them on the beach in Malibu, sadly the dates didn't work out for a beach shoot  - but after a little back and forth, I recommended Joshua Tree as a location, sending mood boards of sunsets and airstreams to Pin and Max. 

A week later everything was set in stone and we were looking forward to meeting in the desert  

Here is their love story:


Luca, Hilo + Ginger

Styling & Make Up: Alexandra Wynne